At the core of Nu Form, we are a value-driven business. Our values underpin each and every decision we make to reach our collective goal of shifting consumer habits and making change in the fashion industry.

We are always curious, and we value progress before perfection.

We stay curious, constantly seeking out new information and staying open to learning. Progress over perfection, always.

We strive to create a brand inclusive of all. We know that there is work to be done within our industry, and we are committed to constantly being in this work. We recognise and elevate diverse voices and stories, and constantly challenge our own perceptions to diversify our offering and create an inclusive product range.

We take the time to deeply consider all that we do: our why, how, and the impact we create for every person we come into contact with. This enables us to make high-quality products while constantly evolving our process to limit our ecological footprint.

We use our business to inspire movement, to educate and communicate our vision for the future of the fashion industry, leveraging our audience to create change.

We know these are serious topics, and we want to see serious change. But we prioritise having fun while we create. This helps us to innovate and inspire each other and those around us.