The benefits of Hemp.

macro shot of a hemp plant
We recently dropped our range of renewable essentials, featuring styles made from Hemp. If you aren't familiar with the many benefits of this super fibre, keep reading for only a few!
1. Hemp is a highly sustainable crop that grows rapidly and densely, reducing deforestation and soil erosion. It requires half the water compared to cotton and doesn't rely on chemical pesticides or herbicides. Hemp cultivation promotes regenerative agriculture and helps preserve water resources.
2. Hemp fibres are exceptionally durable, three times stronger than cotton. It's also resilient, with great shape retention, wash after wash. 
3. Fabric made from Hemp is highly breathable, regulating body temperature in both  cold and hot climates. Hemp is also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin. 
4. Hemp plants absorb a significant amount of carbon dioxide, acting as a carbon sink. Hemp cultivation requires fewer inputs and eliminates the need for synthetic fertilizers, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
You can explore our newest arrivals made from hemp, here.


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